Keep Moving Forward is a mural that fills a wall in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is displayed inside 36 Degrees North, a bright space welcoming entrepreneurial teams to rent creative workspaces.
The concept consists of an illustration of downtown Tulsa, drawn based on images taken on google earth. These buildings were created to inspire and motivate the entrepreneurial community towards growth and beauty in Tulsa. The outlining, sketchy quality alludes to the city being unfinished, with a bright and beautiful future ahead of it. It is designed to encourage Tulsa pride, carrying an industrial yet artistic feel. In brush lettering script created by hand, “Keep Moving Forward” is interwoven with the buildings, chosen to reinforce the vision of 36 Degrees North. The style of letters was chosen to contrast with the hard edges of the buildings and reflect the relationship between industrialism and the entrepreneurial hand-made element. The white space preserves the brightness, creativity, and freshness of the space.
Images of interior and exterior courtesy of 36 Degrees North.

Illustration, Lettering