ORU Artists club was founded in Fall 2016 by a group of us in the art department. I served as the Social Media Manager, creating promotional graphics, posters, brochures, and a tshirt design. ORU Artists vision is to create a unifed community where artists are challenged to share, connect, grow, and learn from each other as well as become empowered to serve the community by using their artistic gifts. So far, we have hosted trips to Tulsa art museums downtown, painted pumpkins, partnered with ORU Prayer Movement, designed cards for a children’s hospital home, painted a mural for an elementary school, partnered with ORU Missions for Spring Outreach, enjoyed art related game nights, and grown closer together as a community. We are excited about the future of ORU Artists!


  • Creative Prayer and Worship Instagram Announcement
  • Fundraiser Countdown Graphic
  • Themed Logo Image
  • Facebook Cover Photo Graphic
  • Tshirt Design Concept
  • Valentines Day Cards
  • Fall Events Poster
  • Spring Outreach with ORU Missions
  • Wall Mural Announcement and Recruitment
  • Spring 2017 Poster Theme
  • Tshirt Design Promotional Graphic