History of Hand-lettering was part of my coursework for Web Design at Oral Roberts University, instructed by Jason Howell. It is inspired by my intrigue for why brush lettering has become so popular.


Some attribute the popularity of brush lettering to a re-immergence of Art Nouveau. Ale Paul, a leading voice in the font world says, “It’s become a particularly interesting phenomenon because it adds a strange spin to things. In the past, industry was concerned with transforming the handmade into something mechanical (movable type, film type), but now that the mechanical/digital is a given, because that’s where everyone works, we’re trying to tone things back to the original handmade, while at the same time looking for ways to make it fit within our own time. Though from what I see everywhere, this phenomenon is not unique to our discipline. There is an almost invasive DIY streak, with almost no evident rules, happening wherever craft and computers interact.”