Import Sticker Collection

Goodnotes 5

There are a few ways to import stickers to GoodNotes, but I recommend this process, which involves downloading the stickers to your camera roll.


Download the files

Download straight to your device, or download on your computer, email/airdrop the files to yourself and open the email on your device and download to the Files app. 


Unzip the Folder

In the Files app, unzip file folder by tapping on the compressed folder. Wait a few moments for the folder to be created containing the files. 


You’ll find folders for Frames, Inspirational quotes, Headers, and more. Tap on one of these folders. 


Select all the files

At the top right, tap “Select” and then on the left hit, “Select all” 

Save to Camera Roll

At the bottom left, tap “Share”

Scroll until you see the option to Save images. Tap this to download the stickers to your camera roll. 

Open up the Goodnotes app, and click the Stickers icon. 

Create a Sticker Collection


Swipe through the default sticker packs until you see the + sign to add a new collection


Name your collection and hit “Add Photos” at the bottom left.


Select all the photos you just downloaded. Add and create collection!

Now you’ve created your first collection! You can go back and create a collection for each of the sticker folders included in your Planner package, or add them all to the same collection. 


You can Import these straight from the files app and skip the camera roll step, but you will only be able to select one at a time, so I recommend downloading them to the camera roll first. You can delete them from your photos after importing them.